Future Taperwing Remanufacture

Rare Aircraft has available for restoration an inventory of the fabled Taperwing by WACO. 


The Taperwing has a rich history as a performer. In the 30s, it was THE first choice of top airshow performers. Even today, it is by far the best performing radial powered aircraft with vintage roots. A robust, round engine aircraft with real history.  This is a REAL open cockpit experience with the feel, sound, size and unparalleled performance.

A Taperwing Waco By RARE Aircraft Ltd offers more than anything in its class.  With rich history, perfect control harmony and lines of a thoroughbred this is an aircraft of a true sporting pilot.  It is not just another Waco with a pretty wing shape. It is a completely different airplane, having no commonality with the Waco F series of biplanes.

Options! A Taperwing by RARE offers more serious options than anything like it. We will guide you creating exactly the Taperwing for you. Want a fire breathing 450 Hp aerobatic animal, we can do that! Perhaps a classy open wheel gentleman that can hold its own and still loop and roll. Yes, we can do that! We provide custom avionics packages to operate in all types of airspace. However, we do owe it to you to be honest about your open cockpit experience. We’re not building open cockpit Beechcraft Bonanzas. Autopilots and glass that keep you inside the aircraft do nothing to enhance the open cockpit experience. Nothing! We gladly offer the latest GPS, transponders, and communications equipment  We want you to experience flying, seeing and feeling such a wonderful aircraft first hand and save the “flight deck” for your business aircraft.

Due to limited numbers, quality second to none and demand, our aircraft maintain their value better than any other its genre. Our core management family has 140 years combined experience. We have more aircraft of this type to our credit than any other shop in the world. These are NEW, investment grade, real pieces of history that fly as good as they look.  After giving a guest a ride in our Taperwing with 450 hp he said of the flight “this is the closest thing to flying a P-51 I have flown since a P-51″    Call us to discuss the pursuit of your aviation dream.