Yearly Archives: 2017

Airventure Awards

August, 10th | Posted by Ben

It has certainly been a busy flying season here at RARE Aircraft Ltd. Having spooled down from EAA Airventure we are grateful for having had a safe event and seeing so many friends, new and old! Much gratitude to our aircraft owner … Continue reading

Landing the airplane

June, 28th | Posted by Ben

OK! Here we go! Yet another treatise on the vaunted (cue the brass band flourish) Wheel Landing! Over the years I have read, and listened to, all the methodology surrounding the wheel landing with a range of reactions from “really?” … Continue reading

UPF-7 WACO Training

June, 5th | Posted by Ben

RARE Aircraft Ltd is pleased to announce TacAero as our preferred training center for training in the WACO UPF-7. Train in a high quality aircraft with professional instructors using a regimented syllabus. Please visit their site for details.

N32063 Video

May, 10th | Posted by Ben

Here is an informal walk around of N32063. Click the link below. Thanks for checking in. N32063 Video  

UPF-7 Gross Weight Increase

March, 28th | Posted by Ben

RARE Aircraft Ltd recently acquired an existing gross weight increase STC for the UPF-7. This STC raises the gross weight to 2880 lbs. on Jacobs powered F-7’s running a constant speed prop. We are currently in the process of adding … Continue reading

Why a Stearman?

February, 9th | Posted by Ben

Last year there was a thread on the Stearman Restorers Association forum that begged the question, “why a Stearman”? I typically do not get all that involved in forums but I was on vacation and the question got me thinking. … Continue reading

Bellanca into cover

February, 8th | Posted by Ben

The Bellanca is into cover! There will be a lot of visual progress during the next couple weeks as we get the Bellanca covered. We started this afternoon with the elevators and rudder. Here are a couple of photos. Thank … Continue reading

Current Projects

January, 10th | Posted by Ben

We are currently working on a complete UPF-7 build, N32063, and restoration of a Bellanca CH-300. Both the Waco and Bellanca are into the pre cover assembly phase. The WACO is a RARE Aircraft Remanufacture that is optioned out nicely … Continue reading