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May, 30th | Posted by Ben

It has been several months since an update here on the web-page blog. For those of you that still do check in here first, thank you. Second, please, send me an email letting me know you do as I often … Continue reading

Now Hiring

December, 12th | Posted by Ben

This is a repost from March. We were fortunate enough to add another valuable member to our team this year. We are looking for more talent! NOW HIRING Restoration Technician Must have demonstrated skills and experience in metalwork & woodwork … Continue reading

Airventure 2018

July, 19th | Posted by Ben

We will be in our usual location for Airventure 2018, lots 217 & 218 in the main aircraft display. Come on by and say hello! We look forward to seeing you and thank you for checking in.

Nuts of Religious Proportions

April, 2nd | Posted by Ben

From what I’ve gathered, the singular nut or safety that secures the main rotor onto a helicopter is referred to as the Jesus nut. Failure of said nut would cause one to pray or evoke said name in a blasphemous … Continue reading

Now Hiring

March, 20th | Posted by Ben

Restoration Technician Must have demonstrated skills and experience in metalwork & woodwork as well as mechanical aptitude. Aircraft familiarity desirable but not required. Applicant must have own basic tools. Must be able to work independently and as a team member. Expected … Continue reading

Reintroducing a Classic

February, 14th | Posted by Ben

    I recently took some time to ponder my favorite airplanes and why they are what they are to me. When pressed on the subject I often say, “My favorite is one that’s full of gas and closest to … Continue reading

Facebook Page

February, 14th | Posted by Ben

Please be sure to check out our Facebook page for regular project updates.

Airventure Awards

August, 10th | Posted by Ben

It has certainly been a busy flying season here at RARE Aircraft Ltd. Having spooled down from EAA Airventure we are grateful for having had a safe event and seeing so many friends, new and old! Much gratitude to our aircraft owner … Continue reading

Landing the airplane

June, 28th | Posted by Ben

OK! Here we go! Yet another treatise on the vaunted (cue the brass band flourish) Wheel Landing! Over the years I have read, and listened to, all the methodology surrounding the wheel landing with a range of reactions from “really?” … Continue reading

UPF-7 WACO Training

June, 5th | Posted by Ben

RARE Aircraft Ltd is pleased to announce TacAero as our preferred training center for training in the WACO UPF-7. Train in a high quality aircraft with professional instructors using a regimented syllabus. Please visit their site for details.