Stinson file photo

The “Gullwing” Stinson Reliant

The Stinson brand was synonymous with the ultimate in personal and business air transport in the 1930’s. Stinson airplanes had the roomiest cabins, substantial useful loads, a stable ride, are easy to fly with perfectly balanced controls, robust landing gear and all around good performance.

In 1936 Stinson mated the wing of their tri-motor airliner with a Reliant and the “Gullwing” was born instantly becoming an aviation icon. For the next four years the “gullwing” Reliant dominated the market in its class selling more 4-5 place airplanes than the rest of the industry combined.

1936 Stinson SR8-C s/n 9815

RARE Aircraft Ltd offers a premium 1936 Stinson Reliant SR-8C restoration for Spring 2014 delivery. The remanufacture process was initiated last year and placed on hold due to the untimely passing of the customer. It is ready for cover, paint and assembly. Choose your colors!

N81E s/n 9815

  • New January 5, 1937 for US Dep’t of Commerce, stationed at Fort Worth, TX.
  • In continuous gov’t service until 1946, all Maintenance by Stinson factory and service center.
  • Accumulated 2416 hours while under gov’t operation and maintenance. Only 272 hours since; 2688 hours TTA.
  • Only four civilian owners since 1946.
  • Original registration number.
  • NO damage history.
  • Unique and rare gyro instrument panel configuration.
  • FULL and COMPLETE RARE Aircraft restoration; ALL NEW
  • Ready for Cover and Paint
  • ZERO SMOH Lycoming R-680-13, 300 hp.
  • Cleveland wheels and brakes.
  • Garmin 250XL GPS-Com, 327 Transponder, PM1000II intercom. Alternate avionics options available.
  • Full leather interior per original.