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SR-9F Progess

The “9” is currently in what we refer to as pre-cover assembly. There are some issues to overcome before cover begins. However, we are close to getting started. All of the controls, plumbing and wiring are being completed at this time. Also fitment of new safety glass which is original equipment and, not easy to obtain for the windscreen since the 9 has curved panels.

Several sub assemblies have had heavy focus upon them. The instrument panel had been victim of field modifications and hasty repairs rendering it in need of a serious makeover. The outer or main panel was straightened, a new top “bridge” piece fit eliminating the gyro hump, which was an option, then smoothed out. The main and bezel portions required work but are original. Since the center panel was already replaced at one time and presented the instruments crooked, we opted to start with a fresh piece.

The front seats have been a complete new build using the existing parts as patterns. As you can see from the photos, the originals were beyond serviceable. All new frames have been fabricated and formed. It’s difficult to imagine the amount of labor that goes into something we take for granted like a seat. The photos just can’t relay the amount to effort that has been put into remanufacturing these seats, however, we hope they do give you a glimpse.

Fairings and panels are being worked over as this update is being typed. Next time we share an update about the “9” you will hopefully see some fabric and paint underway. Thank you for taking the time to look into what the artisans at RARE Aircraft are up to! Please check back for more updates this month on some of the other projects in the shop.