Stinson Gullwing

The Stinson Aircraft Company was founded in 1926, and then produced what was essentially the first commercial airliner…the model SB-1. From then until the early 1940s, they built & sold over 2,000 aircraft.

During the 1930s they outsold the rest of the industry, often selling more 4-5 passenger aircraft than all manufacturers combined!

Stinsons were always large, commercial grade aircraft. They were designed and engineered for comfort and durability.

In 1936 they mated the “monospar” metal structured wing of their “A” tri-motor airliner with a 5-place model, and the iconic “Gullwing” Reliant series was born.

From 1936 to 1940, over 500 “Gullwings” were built, dominating the entire industry. The “Gullwing” Reliant firmly asserted the Stinson brand image of power and luxury. It became the executive aircraft of choice.

A military version of the “Gullwing” was produced in 1942. 500 were built and “lend-leased” to the UK. 350 were repatriated in 1946. One hundred remain on the FAA registry today.

So…why haven’t more of these awesome airplanes survived?

Commercial re-cover work rapidly became extinct and the inevitable re-cover process was an intimidating task for the owner-restorer due to the magnitude of the task. The amount of labor and time a restoration these magnificent aircraft represent is typically far out of reach of the average restorer.

5,000 plus man hours go into each Stinson reman.

5,000 plus man hours are invested into each Stinson reman.

Today, Rare Aircraft Ltd, exclusively dedicated to vintage aircraft and with the resources for remanufacture, is making the Stinson Gullwing Reliant a reality for the discriminating enthusiast.

Our Process

The RARE Aircraft process remanufactures you the most elegantly detailed and exclusive  aircraft imaginable. Our process is far beyond the term restoration, hence, the term remanufacture. Every singe part, piece and detail is taken down to their absolute basics and either made new or reconditioned. All new hardware, accessories and modern materials are used. No stone is left unturned giving you the highest level of safety and handcrafted elegance in a investment grade vintage aircraft recreated to your specifications.

Our Interiors

We take great pride in our work. It shows, in and out. Using factory original interior pieces as patterns we create a luxurious period correct interior out of fine Scottish leather. Instrument panels here strike a fine balance between art deco elegance of the 30’s matched with todays technology. Want more out of your panel? We will custom quote your avionics package.

Gullwing Instrument Panel

Original 1936 panel. ADS-B equipped Garmin 650. Full weather and traffic.

Period correct interior using the finest materials available.

Period correct interior using the finest materials available.

RARE Aircraft Stinson Gullwing custom instrument panel.

Custom panel and avionics.

Perfection with absolute attention to detail.

Perfection with absolute attention to detail.

Stunning attention to detail.

Comfort and class.


Our Finish

Stinson was known for their amazing paint finishes out of the factory. So is RARE Aircraft. Our paint finishes are second to none. Period. Seeing is believing. We cordially invite you to visit our facility and see first hand what sets us apart from your typical “restorer” or manufacture. Stinson was known as “the aircraft standard of the world”. At RARE Aircraft we strive to be the restoration standard of the world. If you want the finest our acclaimed shop and team has to offer, join us, lets create the absolute best together. Call us and discuss the creation of our limited production Gullwing by RARE.

RARE Aircraft's Gullwings feature finishes second to none.

Vivid colors with amazing finish and gloss.