The term restoration has about lost its meaning in the vintage aircraft world.

Once upon a time our fleet was easily recovered, repainted and cleaned up to like new status. The skill set which was required to do so was not all that uncommon. Those were the years before time took its toll upon the fleet. For so many of our treasured aircraft of years ago, traditional restoration is no longer a viable option to maintain value and safety. An entirely new level of standards and skills must be applied deep into the project. Hence, we coined the term for our exclusive process that leaves no stone left unturned; REMANUFACTURE.

Known for our high line WACO Aircraft remanufactures, RARE Aircraft is no stranger to many of the other makes and models within the golden years of aviation. We have applied our REMANUFACTURE process into numerous aircraft by legacy manufactures of the late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Beechcraft, Boeing, Howard, Stinson and WACO to name a few names of the era in which we have all been deeply involved with.
Furthermore, we have lent a hand into bringing some premier Warbird restorations back to life.

We are pleased to provide investment grade remanufactures of many types of aircraft to passionate owners. Our diverse experience lends itself to REMANUFACTURING the vintage aircraft of your dreams no matter what its lineage may be.