Real History – New Standards

  • RARE Aircraft Ltd. was the first to install and place into service the first Jacobs engine with the new increased TBO to 1,400 hours on a WACO YMF-5C.
  • Although known for our premier WACO’s, RARE Aircraft Ltd. proudly remanufactures to better than new several iconic makes and models of aircraft from the golden age of aviation.
  • RARE Aircraft Ltd. has offered fuel injection as an option since 1998 putting us on the cutting edge with fuel injection systems on Jacobs, Wright and Pratt & Whitney powered airplanes.
  • Rare Aircraft Ltd. is the only entity of its type to offer ALL WACO MODELS remanufactured to NEW specifications.
  • Our paint schemes and colors have been compared to Dusenberg and Cord automobiles. Our paint quality has no match having won awards at every major show in the USA. Let us work with you to create something that sets your new remanufactured classic apart from the rest of the flock!
  • Trouble keeping your classic airplane new? We will work with you under 43.13 (b) to assist you with “owner produced parts.”
  • The core management family is not only involved with the hands on creation of your remanufactured classic airplane, we are all pilots. Call us to have an experienced WACO pilot, owner and craftsman counsel you through your acquisition.
  • Having family roots and a multi-generational core with 140 combined years of experience focused on antique classic aviation we will give you real old time provenance masterfully balanced with your newly remanufactured classic aircraft.