Future UPF-7 Remanufacture

The UPF-7, WACO’s final advancement of the F-series. WACO’s F-7 production starting in 1940 incorporated into this fine aircraft everything they had learned while making the entire previous F-series.

Its gear is two feet wider and much stronger than the QCF-2 and YMF-5. Its cockpits are the largest. Airframe, the most robustly built. WACO Aircraft Company drawing 22057, Fuselage Frame Assembly, designates 4130 chrome-moly-steel on each part of structure.  The finest things don’t happen by fate, especially in aviation. It is all about EXPERIENCE! The F-7 is the culmination of the entire F series incorporating everything WACO learned along the way.

Come take a look at a WACO by RARE Aircraft and have a unique EXPERIENCE that will dazzle your senses and unlock a whole new world in aviation. We will take you back in time, let you grab the finest details that make the F-7 an enduring classic, bring them back and together we will create a brand new airplane handcrafted to your specifications. Your remanufactured UPF-7 will be as new as the day it left the Original Waco Factory in Troy, Ohio complete with provenance, history and a story to tell waiting for you to fill in the next chapter

Our core management has been active in this company since its conception. There is 140 years combined EXPERIENCE in the Redman family focused specifically in this area of aviation. We are dedicated to delivering you an EXPERIENCE and aircraft second to none in Performance, Value and Beauty.

See for yourself why a Remanufacture by RARE Aircraft is a cut above. 



  • Wood structure…wings, center section, fuselage fairing wood, stabilizer/elevator, fin/rudder.
  • Fuselage upper wrap & belly sheet metal.
  • Baggage door & combination latch.
  • Cockpit surround sheet metal.
  • Dishpan & firewall.
  • Gear leg fairings.
  • Windshield glass, front & rear.
  • Fuel & oil tanks, fuel sight gauges.
  • Fuel & oil plumbing.
  • Ailerons (4).
  • Stainless steel flying wires.
  • Cleveland wheels and brakes, STC’d
  • Wheel pants
  • Tires & tubes.
  • MT propeller & hub
  • Tailwheel trunnion and center lock system.
  • Tailwheel shock cushions.
  • Grimes nav lights (NOS).
  • Instruments, engine & flight
  • Control cables, pulleys and connecting hardware.
  • Control sticks, front & rear.
  • Elevator & rudder hinge pivot blocks and u-bolts.
  • 5-point Hooker harnesses, front & rear.
  • Scottish leather upholstery & cockpit coaming.
  • Electrical system, designed to current standards.
  • Alternator/controller & battery.
  • Battery box, sealed battery.
  • All assembly hardware.
  • Cover & paint, complete.
  • Single color with Waco “fishhook” fuselage stripe.
  • Avionics: Garmin GTR225 Com, Garmin GTR345 transponder ADS-B
    aera 660 GPS/XM, PM1000II Intercom, 3 place. Save the “flight-deck” experience for your jet. 

The following OHC assemblies will be installed:

  • Continental W670 220 hp Engine by Air Repair, Inc with OHC starter, mags, carb, induction system, NEW exhaust, 12 month warranty

The following reman operations will be accomplished to new standards:

  • Fuselage structure sandblasted, inspected and powder coated.
  • Control system re-bushed, complete. All fittings replaced with new.
  • Wing fittings and brace wires inspected, re-plated & baked; replaced with new as required.
  • Landing gear legs disassembled, slide tubes reground, hard chromed and precision ground to spec. Reassembled with new seals and packing, parts replaced new as required.
  • Pilot seat & adjustment system rebuilt.
  • Trim system rebuilt with new control chains & guide tubes.
  • Stabilizer jackscrew system rebuilt, acme screw replaced with new if necessary.
  • Aircraft covered complete with Ceconite process, finished with PPG polyurethane.
  • Trim style original Waco…single color, Waco fish-hook side stripe.

Completed price as above                      $397,000.


WACO UPF-7 Reman Options

New Production Hamilton Standard Metal Propeller, $16,245

  • New A11C1 blades, 99″ long.
  • New 5404, 20 spline hub.

Curtiss-Reed Metal Propeller, $12,000

  • Option subject to availability which is limited.

300HP Jacobs Engine, $38,000

  • 300HP Jacobs Engine by Air Repair Inc, with new Aluminum Case.
  • Hamilton Standard 2B-20 Constant Speed prop. The only way to get 300hp.
  • Propellor governor & three lever throttle quadrants.


Full Engine Cowling: $19,000


 Paint Options

Standard Paint: Single color, Waco “fishhook” fuselage stripe.

Option #1:  $3,750


Paint Option #1

  • Fuselage base color
  • Wings contrasting second color
  • Fishhook fuselage stripe, pinstriped in 3rd color
  • Tail numbers in 3rd color




Option #2: $6,950

WACO Paint Option #2

Paint Option #2

  • Two color fuselage with “swoosh” trim.
  • Wings in fuselage trim color
  • Leading edge of wing & stab in fuselage base color.
  • Scallop rudder treatment with 2-color numbers.
  • 3rd color pinstripe throughout.


Show Smoke with no spill fill: $5,895






Own a true piece of American History 

The UPF-7 is the easiest to fly with the best balance in the entire F-series. With the widest landing gear available on any WACO (two feet wider than an F-2 or YMF-5) and a true center locking tail wheel this aircraft is easy on and off the runway.

Our UPF-7’s hail from THE original WACO factory in Troy Ohio and are not newly manufactured replicas. They hold a Standard Airworthiness Certificate and are remanufactured to all current FAA Standards and Practices using modern materials. A masterpiece with true provenance. Only 577 F-7’s were built.  Less than 200 remain. There aren’t more coming off an assembly line at a factory. This ensures the value of your investment.

We offer more options and real history…. Ask yourself, how many manufacturer’s options are only based around paint, avionics and interior. Let’s turn the next page in history together and create something out of the ordinary.


A UPF-7 Testimonial

A few years back I was visiting on the phone with my lifelong friend, Rod Marshall who was a CPT instructor in the early 40s, flying UPF-7s. He then went on to teach “advanced” Air Corps training in the T-6. All in all, he accumulated thousands of hours of instruction time during WWII. After the war he owned a long series of aircraft both as an FBO and then for personal business and pleasure. He retired to Montana where, after years of retirement, he was elected to the Montana House of Representatives. We bade farewell to Rod in 2004, a great spirit, a good friend, and one of the best aviators I’ve ever known.

On the phone I told Rod I might be ferrying a UPF-7 to Washington State , and could possibly stop in for a visit. The first thing he said was, “You know, I think the UPF-7 was the best flying airplane I flew in my entire life”.

There was a photo of a UPF-7 prominently displayed at Rod’s memorial service.