275 H.P. Jacobs Conversion Kit

Convert your stock 220 Stearman to 275 H.P. This is the most direct path to convert your existing airplane to 275 horsepower. Better take-off and cruise with no major weight penalty or increased fuel consumption. A “300” hp Lycoming is 680 Cubic Inches. A “275” hp Jacobs is 755 cubic inches. Think about that for a second…

Kit includes:

  • “0” SMOH R755-B2M engine with all the latest Air Repair, Inc. service bulletins including 1400 hr. T.B.O.
  • 2B20-15 constant speed propeller
  • New exhaust system, adapter plate, carburetor air horn, all hoses, all hardware, gauges, prop governor, throttle quadrants, and engine shock mounts.
  • Complete instruction CD, flight manual, ICA, operator’s manual, parts manual, and maintenance manual.

Price – $84,500.00

Additional options;

  • NEW exhaust shrouds high polish-$10,000
  • Overhauled E-80 starter $3000 (specify 12 or 24 volt)
  • R-755-A2 300HP Jacobs $8,500

Pricing applies to 220 Continental powered airplanes, in stock configuration and with the following equipment:

  • Jasco alternator
  • Airwolf oil filter
  • Bracket air filter
  • E80 type starter

Firewall Forward Quick Change Kits for R680 Lycoming Conversions
Price – $84,500.00