UPF-7 Progress

September, 17th | Posted by Ben

Pictured are two of four consecutive UPF-7 projects we have going through the shop. The fuselage on the right has undergone pre cover assembly, its wings are covered and are currently being painted while the fuselage has yet to begin … Continue reading

SR9-F Wings get paint.

August, 6th | Posted by Ben

  Both wings were painted with the initial coat of red this week and are currently being masked for trim. The original trim style will be applied which punctuates the distinctive lines of the “Gullwing”. Once trimmed out we will … Continue reading

N32141 Test Flight

July, 17th | Posted by Ben

We were able to get N32141 into the air today. No surprises and a great flying airplane. More photos to come. Thanks for checking in.

N32141 Update

July, 17th | Posted by Ben

We conducted the first post resto run and taxi of UPF-7 N32141 yesterday. All went very well. If everything goes according to plan we will have all fairings installed and go for a test flight today.

Taperwing post restoration flight

June, 4th | Posted by Ben

We put the recent Taperwing project into the air today. After chasing down two ignition issues we were able to finally fly. What a delight to fly. Hands of rigging and beautiful control balance. Thank you for checking in.

SR-9F Trim

May, 8th | Posted by Ben

Quiet weekends spent carefully studying factory Stinson Reliant 9F photos and scaling the trim for proper results is paying off. By my count, Dad aka Chief, Boss, Captain, Roy Redman has invested about four Saturdays and three Sundays into scaling … Continue reading

N32141 Update

April, 24th | Posted by Ben

Excellent progress has been made this month by the team assigned to N32141. It went from prepped and bare fuselage to pre-cover assembly. Take a look.

Super 77 First Flight

April, 12th | Posted by Ben

Spring is finally here. The snow piles have receded with just a couple stubborn ones persisting in the shadows between hangars. As I pen this post our first thunderstorms of the season march through washing away the last signs of … Continue reading

Cessna 140

March, 12th | Posted by Ben

A while back we took on a Cessna 140 project. Currently we are getting the smaller details in order. In the near future we will be applying serious focus on the entire project. Given the experience of our crew and … Continue reading

N30122 Test Flight

March, 12th | Posted by Ben

On Monday we experienced  a high of 53F and light winds. N30122 flew for a total of 1.5 hours over two flights for the first time since completion. It is performing well with only a minor rigging adjustment and engine … Continue reading