Stinson SR-8C Update

September, 25th | Posted by Ben

Late yesterday afternoon we raised the wings into place on the Stinson SR-8C project. As you can see, it takes a few hands to handle the massive wings. Thank you for checking in!

Awards at Reno

September, 23rd | Posted by Ben

Scott Woods and Woodson K. Woods took an award with their Stinson Reliant SR-9F at Reno. It was a privilege working with these gentleman to bring the 9 back to life. The Woods family persevered through a journey and restoration … Continue reading

Stearman 128 Completion

September, 16th | Posted by Ben

With how busy we have been the past three weeks this post is a little dated. We conducted the first flight of Stearman 128 on 8/31/15. Four hours were put on the aircraft that day. On 9/7 the Stearman was … Continue reading

Stearman 128 Progress

August, 20th | Posted by Ben

Here is a progress photo of Stearman 128 as of today. Thank you for checking in!  

Stearman “128”

August, 6th | Posted by Ben

The team came on strong this week and turned over an amazing amount of prep and paint work on Stearman “128”. All the large surfaces are in yellow and trim has already started. Here are a few photos. Thanks for … Continue reading

N39752 Complete

July, 8th | Posted by Ben

Yesterday we did the initial post restoration flights on N39752. All went well. Here are a few photos from the day. Thank you for checking in!

Stinson SR-8

June, 10th | Posted by Ben

Our Stinson SR-8 project is getting close to final assembly. The fuselage was just painted black today. Once the fuselage receives its trim we are ready to start bolting this big bird together.

WACO UPF-7 N39752

June, 10th | Posted by Ben

N39752 began final assembly this week. Our goal is to have it airworthy by this months end. This aircraft will not have a cowling on the 300hp Jacobs which eliminates the weight of the cowl, baffles and oil cooler. The … Continue reading

N29911 Rollout and Flight

May, 21st | Posted by Ben

We rolled N29911 out into the sun today for its first run and flight since restoration. Happy to report that all went well! Thanks for checking in!

UPF-7 N29911

May, 13th | Posted by Ben

The team is on the final stretch with N29911, a WACO UPF-7. Next photos will be with air between the tires and ground! Thank you for checking in.