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It has been several months since an update here on the web-page blog. For those of you that still do check in here first, thank you. Second, please, send me an email letting me know you do as I often wonder if this is of interest or preferred over our social media use and platforms. RARE Aircraft is on Facebook and recently joined Instagram where we provide updates and photos on a regular basis.

9/20/2018 Tornado Damage Update

RARE building repairs are currently about 40% done. Last fall our primary objective was to get our building weather tight as possible for the winter. This required; replacement of both bi-fold doors, replacement of both overhead doors, and a temporary insulated roof repair to cover the missing 1/3 of our roof. The new roof is installed as of 5/20/19 however not finished. The entire building still needs to be re-sheeted and insulated. Our hangar bay partition interior wall requires repair. Our north wall will require interior replacement with new insulation. Current delay is waiting for dry weather. Six aircraft were  damaged inside our hangar. We are currently doing the last two in-house while our Bonanza is offsite getting repairs at Biggs Aircraft. It dawned on me last night, the Bonanza is in the heart of tornado alley, during tornado season, getting repaired. Neat. Our goal is to be 100% operational by September to cross the anniversary of the event.


National Waco Club Fly-In, 60thAnneversary

We will be attending the National Waco Club Fly-In June 25-30. This is THE Waco event of the season. For those that have a WACO and, those who are interested in WACO’s, go! Look forward to seeing you there.


Recent Completions

Stinson N17179, the R-985 powered SR-9 is home, in Miami doing its thing. The aircraft was delivered there two weeks ago and has been flying regularly since arriving.

WACO UPF-7 N32157 was completed last month. This black and white UPF is striking and will be making the rounds this summer.

WACO UPF-7 N32049 is nearing completion this week.

WACO UPF-7 N32093 arrived in Brazil 3/16/19 with an uneventful journey via shipping container. It is in the final stages of assembly and should be flying soon.

Thank you for checking in and your interest in our company.



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