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September, 18th | Posted by Ben

The team recently performed pre-cover assembly on the current Taperwing project N751E. ┬áThis machine will be donning; 30 x 5 wheels, a Wright 760-E (250 hp) with front exhaust, swinging a Hamilton Standard ground adjustable propeller of 108″ which has … Continue reading

SR-9F Interior

September, 17th | Posted by Ben

Progress continues on the SR-9F. The two current areas of priority are firewall forward which is a clean sheet install and the interior. As you saw in a previous post the front seat frames were fabricated new using what was … Continue reading

Fly-In Season

September, 3rd | Posted by Ben

You have likely noticed a break in updates. We have just been through our busiest time of year while experiencing a very high level of interest with many calls and visitors. For the first time in over 35 years of … Continue reading