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December, 5th | Posted by Ben

The first batch of red was applied in the booth this morning with great results. Stinson and Taperwing horizontal surfaces were shot. ┬áBlack, yellow and red parts decorate the south end of the restoration shop waiting for trim. It’s quite … Continue reading

SR-9F Into Final Color

December, 4th | Posted by Ben

The SR-9F fuselage had the black applied to it today. We are very pleased with the results. With the all yellow F-7 ready for black trim the Stinson and Taperwing are now in the mix. It’s been impressive to watch … Continue reading

Wet Paint

December, 3rd | Posted by Ben

We have had an incredible amount of covering underway over the past couple of months. There is now a constant level of activity in and around the paint booth. F-7’s and a Stinson are in the mix with a Taperwing … Continue reading


November, 1st | Posted by Ben

As mentioned in several earlier posts we are currently working on two WACO F-7 projects. Here are some recent progress and “of interest” photos. Thank you for your interest in what we do!  

SR-9F Getting Cover

October, 28th | Posted by Ben

The cover process on the SR-9F is well underway. As you can see covering an aircraft this large is quite the process. Thank you for your interest in what we do! More progress photos of this project and others to … Continue reading


October, 22nd | Posted by Ben

There has been lots of progress on the metalwork of the Stinson SR-9F. In most areas we started from nothing, in others, next to nothing. What has taken place to bring all the metal work to be has been quite … Continue reading

Progress on UPF-7’s

October, 11th | Posted by Ben

Back in July we shared some photos of the wing construction on our current UPF projects. Now one of the two is in pre-cover assembly. Here are some photos leading up to and of pre-cover. I have really grown to … Continue reading


September, 18th | Posted by Ben

The team recently performed pre-cover assembly on the current Taperwing project N751E. ┬áThis machine will be donning; 30 x 5 wheels, a Wright 760-E (250 hp) with front exhaust, swinging a Hamilton Standard ground adjustable propeller of 108″ which has … Continue reading

SR-9F Interior

September, 17th | Posted by Ben

Progress continues on the SR-9F. The two current areas of priority are firewall forward which is a clean sheet install and the interior. As you saw in a previous post the front seat frames were fabricated new using what was … Continue reading

Fly-In Season

September, 3rd | Posted by Ben

You have likely noticed a break in updates. We have just been through our busiest time of year while experiencing a very high level of interest with many calls and visitors. For the first time in over 35 years of … Continue reading