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Fly-In Season

You have likely noticed a break in updates. We have just been through our busiest time of year while experiencing a very high level of interest with many calls and visitors.

For the first time in over 35 years of Attending Oshkosh we chose to utilize a display location in the vendor area of the show. We had a Taperwing, UPF-7 and a 450 Stearman on display. The number of new contacts and friends we made at the show were incredible! The grass tells the tale on the amount of traffic our area received. Thank you to all who stopped by to take a look and EAA for the warm reception.


Over part of last week I attended the Antique Aircraft Association fly-in at Antique Airfield in Blakesburg Iowa. This is my favorite event of the year. 412 airplanes showed. As always there was an impressive variety of antiques on hand.

I chose an unusual mount for the event. Given my schedule for the week I chose the Carbon Cub. Now, a 2013 Carbon Cub SS doesn’t exactly make the ideal attendee at an Antique fly-in but, it was welcomed anyway and parked among the other “Cubs” parked between two J-4’s. If the airplanes talked I wonder what the exchange was….

Also parked nearby was a PA-18 dubbed “Honeymoon Special” which I later learned was for friend David Mars’ wedding which took place at Antique Airfield. I had the privilege to attend the ceremony. It was a perfect flight down and back with nice views and mild winds. The airplanes are great but the best part for me is to see the people I see every year, some  I’ve known my entire life and some are new friends made. There is something very organic that feels right about Antique Airfield that likely won’t ever be reproduced. It should surely be on one’s bucket list to attend if you fancy vintage airplanes and great people. Numerous volunteers make the event with lots of heart and hard work. Equally credible for the event is the Taylor family. A big thank you to both.

Up next for us is another favorite. The Beechcraft fly-in, Tullahoma TN. Thanks for checking in and we’ll be sure to get back to regular posting. Check back for project updates soon.