Waco 1941 UPF-7 N32018

S/N 5650

This UPF-7 is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. It has the perfect balance of historic class and kind of performance that will make any pilot take notice. The paint scheme and coloring of this particular example harken back to the era of this aircraft’s origin. The timeless lines of the UPF-7 are left to stand out on their own. It is dressed to impress and perform with full cowl & wheelpants. Performance is the forte of this configuration with power, speed and handling all brought into perfect aerodynamic harmony all in one package. The Jacobs engine and constant speed Hamilton Standard propeller make this bird take to the air with gusto and the timeless “ask any pilot ” handling of this four aileron biplane will keep you smiling in every mode of flight. Never have we met an old flight cadet that did not have a twinkle in their eye when you taxi up in a UPF-7.

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