SALE PENDING – Beech G18S N50WA s/n BA-616


Serial number BA-616 G18S XC-CUW Completed in 1962. Long range fuel tanks installed (320g).

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Original owner – Secretaria Recursos Hidraulicos, Mexico City export certificate (E-50428) issued 13 Jun 1963 and registered in Mexico.

Initially used as a presidential transport in Mexico.

Seen in “airworthy & in excellent condition” at Merida, Yucatan on 27 December 1982. Reportedly stored by the government at Villa Alvano Obrigon, Mexico City.

Sold by Transporte Aereo Federal to Westernair Inc, Albuquerque, NM BS 28 August 1986. Registration cancelled 10 September 1986.

Registered 15 September 1986 as N50WA to Westernair.

Purchased by Robert L. Willis, Twin Falls, ID BS 22 January 1987. CofA 27 August 1987.

Kurt A. Tedhams, Phoenix, AZ purchased the aircraft 8 April 1989 and registered her 19 May 1989.

Father and son completed a 24 year restoration. Sadly, the father passed away just prior to completion. Paint and interior last thing complete during this restoration circa 2012.

Aircraft times at end of restoration

Total hours                         Airframe:             4,707.1

Right engine                       0              Left engine          0

Left propeller                     0              Right propeller  0 (factory new)

Barry Hancock, Provo UT purchased the aircraft in 2013 and had Taigh Ramey, Vintage Aircraft, Stockton, CA complete the last few items to obtain C of A.

First post restoration flight 2014. Maiden voyage (back to Mexico – Yucatán) April 2015.

Ken McKenzie, Fort Lauderdale, FL purchased the aircraft on 01 November 2021. Aircraft times at time of purchase:

Total hours                         Airframe:             5,014.8

Right engine                       307.7     Left engine          307.7

Left propeller                     307.7     Right propeller  307.7

Current total hours, October 2023

Airframe:             5,209.70

Right engine                       502.6    Left engine          502.6

Left propeller                     502.6     Right propeller  502.6

The following is a list of important restoration facts about the aircraft.

  • All yellow tags for every component.
  • Traceability documents on every part used down to the flat washers
  • Remove engines and disassemble completely
  • Remove all hardware and attachments from firewalls
  • Remove gear assemblies and disassemble completely
  • Remove all fuel tanks strip pressurize repair and epoxy paint
  • Remove wings install new wing bushings, obtain both factory bushing reamers, install new factory wing bolts, locate retired Beechcraft employee that used to fit wings and learn proper procedure.
  • Replace all cable pulleys throughout airframe
  • Install two new flap screw jacks
  • Replace all gear rod and flap rod universal joints
  • Send out gear retract draglinks and have X rayed.
  • Remove Southwind Heater and sent to factory repair station for major overhaul.
  • Send out fire bottle for overhaul and certification
  • Install new fuel pump for cabin heater and new hour meter
  • Strip, inspect, and cadmium plate all hardware for airframe
  • Epoxy paint all gear components and install placards
  • Strip all wells and epoxy prime and epoxy paint all areas
  • Send all flight surfaces to Lee Camron for metalizing
  • Properly balance all surfaces prior to reassembly
  • Remove everything that is not riveted from the interior of cabin
  • Install spun slag insulation to cabin walls (four times sound deadening than fiberglass)
  • Install new cabin interior upholstery Maroon leather seats light grey wool headliner maroon carpet
  • Send all original cabinetry out for disassembly and re-veneering and refinishing
  • Rebuild cabin door with original factory’ new trim on interior
  • Send all instruments out for overhaul certify or replace with new
  • All overhauled instruments have the Beechcraft logo silk screened on the face as original
  • Build match dies to fabricate new instrument panel blank
  • Install cabin opening side windows on flight deck
  • Strip entire fuselage exterior NOTE there are no cracks, stop drills, skin repairs, patches, or loose rivets anywhere on this entire aircraft
  • Repaint aircraft in DuPont 6000 series high solids urethane paint using only DuPont products
  • Install new rock boots on lower vertical stabs.
  • Remove and disassemble entire tail wheel strut and strip out all components of tall wheel well
  • Find original canvas splash protector for tail wheel well and fit as original
  • Install top and bottom fuselage strobes.
  • Send out flap and gear motors for overhaul
  • Send out sump boost pumps for overhaul
  • Order Stainless steel bearings for all wheels
  • Remove oil tanks, strip, inspect, epoxy paint
  • Suspend aircraft weight outer wing tips and refit center spar splice after wing refit
  • Suspend aircraft and swing gear 20 times adjusting doors and limit switches
  • Install all new gear limit switches.
  • Rig all flight surfaces as per factory recommendations
  • Set and safety wire all control cables.
  • Install all new fuel level senders in each tank.
  • Same level of meticulousness on the engines and props. Burns very little oil
  • Restoration scoured the globe for parts and this aircraft has many of the last factory new parts in the world installed.

Subsequent to restoration.
1. State of the art Garmin Avionics GTN 750, GTN 650 and four GI 275 package and STEC 55X autopilot.

2. Removal of all vacuum driven systems.


  • Dual G.I. 275 Attitude Indicators
  • Dual G.I. 275 DG’s
  • GNS 750
  • GNS 650
  • PMA 7000H Intercom
  • S-Tec 55X Autopilot
  • Shadin Fuel Flow Computer
  • Dual Stratus USB Chargers
  • Standby Attitude Indicator


RARE Aircraft Ltd, Ben Redman 507-331-8446.