Yearly Archives: 2014

N32083 Complete

December, 23rd | Posted by Ben

It has been busy around here. Really busy. With that out of the way I’ll apologize for not blogging lately. Last week we completed N32083. This is the third UPF-7 we’ve trimmed like this in red and black making for … Continue reading

Stinson SR9-F

October, 31st | Posted by Ben

The “9” is nearing completion. The aluminum fairings, wheel pants and cowling have all required many hours of body work and fitment prior to paint. Next week we will fit the new glass windscreen, dash and continue to push the … Continue reading

UPF Fuselage Fixture

October, 23rd | Posted by Ben

RARE Aircraft Ltd recently acquired a UPF-7 Fuselage jig, built to factory specs with a STC! This will allow us to better check and repair existing fuselages or, even produce brand new ones that are approved! It is an impressive … Continue reading

Air Repair Inc W670

October, 22nd | Posted by Ben

Installed on Waco’s and Stearmans produced at RARE Aircraft. The newest and most modern W670 possible on the market today that is tested, warranted and professionally supported. Air Repair Inc, Cleveland Mississippi. You will enjoy no leaks, minimal oil consumption, smooth operation … Continue reading

Updated Team Photo

October, 6th | Posted by Ben

It’s been a couple of years, our family has grown and we were overdue for an updated photo.We are proud of our team that brings what we do at RARE Aircraft to life! Each plays a vital role in creating … Continue reading


September, 30th | Posted by Ben

Here are some shots of our UPF-7 progress for the month of September. The covered fuselage will soon be painted and onto final assembly. The rest of the fabric covered parts are already covered and painted for this aircraft. (red) … Continue reading

N32141 Air to Air

September, 22nd | Posted by Ben

A couple of Air to Air photos of N32141 by Xavier Meal taken after Airventure 2014. This UPF-7 owned by Dan Wilkins took WWII era (1942-1945) Champion- Bronze Lindy at Airventure.

UPF-7 Progress

September, 17th | Posted by Ben

Pictured are two of four consecutive UPF-7 projects we have going through the shop. The fuselage on the right has undergone pre cover assembly, its wings are covered and are currently being painted while the fuselage has yet to begin … Continue reading

SR9-F Wings get paint.

August, 6th | Posted by Ben

  Both wings were painted with the initial coat of red this week and are currently being masked for trim. The original trim style will be applied which punctuates the distinctive lines of the “Gullwing”. Once trimmed out we will … Continue reading

N32141 Test Flight

July, 17th | Posted by Ben

We were able to get N32141 into the air today. No surprises and a great flying airplane. More photos to come. Thanks for checking in.