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Awards at Reno


Scott Woods and Woodson K. Woods took an award with their Stinson Reliant SR-9F at Reno. It was a privilege working with these gentleman to bring the 9 back to life. The Woods family persevered through a journey and restoration with this aircraft that would of pushed most to the point of turning away. This was more of a recreation than a restoration being that the aircraft was so far gone and at a couple points in its life had been seriously mishandled. It is great see this rare and spectacular aircraft in service and being shared. Photos of this aircrafts restoration can been viewed in the blog archives.


We are also pleased to see one of RARE’s first complete restorations as a company take home an award from Reno. We restored the aircraft for Jerry Wenger almost 22 years ago, which was recently donated to the WAAM Museum in Hood River, Oregon. Here is a link to a article written in 1994 about the aircraft in Vintage Aircraft.