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Current Stearman Projects

In addition to N4494N we have two other Stearman projects in our current line up of work.  75-2284 and 75-3110.

“2284” was an airworthy aircraft in November that was damaged when another aircraft taxied into it. The owner has opted to exchange his four wings for newly built wings by RARE and have us recover and repaint the entire aircraft. Of note about RARE Aircraft’s Stearman wings, we use Sitka Spruce rather than Douglas Fir like many other shops. Although Douglas Fir is a cheaper acceptable substitute to spruce it is up to 26% heavier!

Sitka Spruce spar stock

Sitka Spruce spar stock

“3110” is a PT-17 ¬†with a pristine fuselage having mostly all of the original factory parts still installed as is from original production. This aircraft was purchased out of surplus at Hill Airfield in Ogden, Utah in 1946-’47, used for a short time and then placed into storage. This certainly is an interesting study to see exactly how everything was originally done. Our primary interest however is the pristine top quality parts and fuselage which provide an excellent foundation for a build. 75-3110 will be a complete remanufacture sporting traditional PT livery.

Photos of all three projects are in the gallery below. As always, thank you for your interest in our company and checking in!