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Stinson SR9-F

The SR-9F undergoing restoration has seen some good progress since the beginning of the year.  Serial Number 5720 has undergone a complete and total strip down. The airframe was stripped, inspected, proper repairs made and then coated.

All new wood had to be fabricated for the entire airplane. Doors, window frames, bulkheads and stringers. The wood pieces that came with the project had questionable dimensions and were made of lumber yard material that would not tolerate moisture or stand up to time. Thankfully we had patterns! Also a help is the SR8 we recently completed wood on for reference. Our wood shop, once again, turned out some outstanding work. As the author, that has trouble building a birdhouse, I am in awe of their expertise!

With all the wood parts fabricated, fitted, removed, coated and installed again we made new metal pieces that join the stringers at the longerons. A new  stainless steel firewall to replace the old was made.  You’ll notice in the photos that the tubing is painted tan in the cabin areas which Stinson did requiring a sand, mask and shoot of the area. In addition to the fuselage tubing in the cabin all of the cabin parts and controls are painted to match as well. The control columns, hardware and “steering” universals appeared to all be original and untouched so down to the bones they go with replacement of all hardware.

Numerous  sub-assemblies are currently in work which will make way for completing the fuselage. More to come!