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Super 77 First Flight

Spring is finally here. The snow piles have receded with just a couple stubborn ones persisting in the shadows between hangars. As I pen this post our first thunderstorms of the season march through washing away the last signs of winter. Those to the west, not so fortunate which reminds me, our last snowfall of 2013 hit us in early May… ¬†Enough of my musing about the weather and back to what this blog is about, airplanes! Point is, it is like spring now and we are rolling out completed projects to bask in the sun and take to the air!

Yesterday was a stellar day. Light to moderate winds right down the runway and temps in the mid 60’s afforded the perfect opportunity to put N985V, the R-985 powered “Super 77”, into the air for the first time since its build. We are pleased with the results from the first hour of flight testing. As expected the extra horsepower offers much improved performance over stock. Here are a couple shots from the first flight.

We also rolled out our most recent Taperwing project this week for it’s first run. It will receive it’s conformity inspection next week and then it is time to get it into the air! We will post a couple of photos soon of the Taperwing. I’ll apologize to our audience for the late postings this month. This season has brought more activity than any past which has kept us on the move! Thank you for checking in. More to come.