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UPF-7 Progress

Among the Stinsons we’ve been working on a  UPF-7 re-manufacture that’s had quite a bit of progress. Of course its all new everywhere possible. The pre-cover assembly is complete and we are now onto sheet metal fit and fab to replace the old with new.


Precover Assy

Above shot of the upper wing set shows their detail.


The wood work is absolutely beautiful and personally the pre-cover assembly is my favorite. As you can see in these shots the intricacy of the wing set can be fully appreciated. Brand new aluminum fuel tanks with an aluminum cover is also visible. WACO, as many manufactures of the time, covered their tanks in fabric which did not look very pretty and when it came time to do tank maintenance was labor intensive. Our covers can be removed easily for tank inspection, repair or replacement.   Also note the one piece aluminum leading edges and new ailerons.

Stringer cage fabrication and fitment.


The UPF-7 has a fairly complex stringer cage and turtle deck. Steve Krogsgaard, one of our wood artisans is fitting up hand made parts in the photo to the left. This of course happens far before the pre cover assembly however, I thought I would post a couple of photos leading up to pre-cover to illustrate what goes into a RARE Remanufacture. We’ll be sure to post more in the future about this F-7 as things progress. Thanks for checking in!

Completely new Empennage